Unexpected’s Max Schenzel’s Live Stream Disaster

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Unexpected’s Max Schenzel’s Live Stream Disaster

“Max Schenzel’s VLOG #1 was a MESS

Max Schenzel gave an update to his life in general with “Max Schenzel’s VLOG #1”. In the video, he addressed a few things such as how he hasn’t seen his daughter Ava in nine months and how he and Chlose have ended their “toxic” relationship. He also went on to discuss his jail time which was four months instead of the scheduled six.

Max would go on to talk about how his Dad was doing good and how he was a year sober. He also talked about how he hasn’t seen Chloe because he was focused on getting his life together before seeing his daughter.

Things…eventually got weird when Max appeared to get frustrated over fans constantly stuff about Chloe from a few years ago. Max would go on to state that the man from then wasn’t the man that he was now, and that he had grown and changed significantly.

He would chastise fans for not asking questions and just sending hearts until a fan corrected him by saying:

Credit Screen Rant
Credit Screen Rant

“It’s because your comments are off, bro”

The video only got worse with Max eating a burger and rating it a 7 (maybe), then cutting to him entering an In-N-Out without a mask, and requesting a refill from an employee who’s masked up with gloves, along with everyone else in the restaurant.

Things eventually transitioned to Max and his bro’s at the mall where he would continue to make scathing comments about Chloe’s mom, Jessica.

The vlog would eventually end with Max standing outside of the mall with a sign that read:

“Bet ya can’t hit me with a quarter”

Fans…destroyed Max for his rant, the fact that he wasn’t taking Covid seriously, and for his hurtful comments towards Chloe and her mom, ending with the fact that he was the issue for essentially everything.

Max had the intention of cleaning himself up with this vlog and clearly failed in spades as fans saw right through the B.S.

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