TLC Unexpected' Lexus Scheller is pregnant!

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TLC Unexpected' Lexus Scheller is pregnant!

That’s Baby #2 for her

It appears as though Lexus Scheller is pregnant again!!

Lexus who gained her fame from the first two seasons of TLC’s smash hit Unexpected announced that she’s pregnant again.

Credit Lexus Sheller Instagram
Credit Lexus Sheller Instagram

Lexus announced the wonderful news via her Instagram, revealing that she was due in September: “The stars were aligned when we made you,”

In a response to one of the comments, Lexus stated that her photo was from two weeks ago and she’s going on ten weeks.

Credit Lexus Sheller Instagram
Credit Lexus Sheller Instagram

The new baby will join Lexu’s first child Scarlett (3), who she had with ex-boyfriend Shayden.

Lexus’s costars were quick to congratulate her:

LILLY BENNET: I’m so happy for you 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

LEXUS: Thank you babes 🤍🤍I’m gonna need some advice for 2 hahahha!

LAURA BARRON: Congratulations ❤️❤️

LEXUS: Thank youuu 🤍🥰

HAILEY 2: Congrats pretty girl!! 💛💛💛

The upcoming baby is the first child between Lexus and her current boyfriend Isaiah Norwood. The two have been dating for just over a year, with them celebrating their one-year anniversary on January 18th. On Isaiah’s Instagram page he posted a picture of the two with the following caption:

“Happy 1 year with the love of my life… You are the most beautiful, strong loving mother/woman I know, thank you for supporting me in my lowest spots in life and enjoying the good times with me. We have many more great years to come. I love you so much ❤️”

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