TLC Unexpected Fans Doubt Max Schenzel’s sobriety

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TLC Unexpected Fans Doubt Max Schenzel’s sobriety

I mean…they’ve got a point

The High tensions between these two former High School kids just keep getting wilder and wilder as the seconds go by.

Credit Max Snapchat
Credit Max Snapchat

Max has a pretty tainted history with the law, with everything ranging from auto theft to assaulting a police officer and even stealing from his friend’s sleeping grandmother (come on dude).

So it makes sense that Chloe is extremely skeptical when it comes to visitation rights for their daughter Ava.

It’s more and more apparent that things are just not good in general for poor ol Max. And despite claiming that he’s sober, his constant actions leave fans and family members with a lot of doubt.

Much of this doubt stemmed from an IG Live video in which he claimed he was 516 days sober.

The scathing comments forced Max to remove the video, but those comments were still seen, and the accusations that he was still on drugs were known to many. Numerous fans accused him of looking high throughout the IG Live video with comments such as:

"He looks barely conscious"

"Now we know why it went from a year to 516 so fast. He was too high to count right."

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