Tyler Perry’s Thanksgiving Giveaway is a Huge Success

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Tyler Perry’s Thanksgiving Giveaway is a Huge Success

Perry's Thanksgiving Giveaway was a safe and successful hit

Tyler Perry had a Thanksgiving Food Giveaway this past weekend and the turnout was insane. The giveaway was poised to feed 5,000 families.

Credit: NY Times
Credit: NY Times

Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta held the giveaway on Sunday morning, and the response was crazy, with lines of cars spanning for miles.

Perry offered nonperishables as well as gift cards for the first 5,000 families to arrive at the location. Cars started arriving as early as Saturday afternoon, and only grew longer throughout Sunday.

Perry’s staff was also very considerate of the COVID-19 pandemic, as everything was through curbside pickup and the entire staff wore masks from beginning to end.

This isn’t Perry’s first act of kindness, as he’s been supporting local restaurants with very gracious tips, as well as picking up grocery store tabs for various shoppers.

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