Top 10 Lil Wayne Mixtapes

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Top 10 Lil Wayne Mixtapes

A lookback at the artist that changed the Mixtape game

It’s no doubt that Lil Wayne changed the mixtape game for the better. The rapper has some iconic ones out there such as ‘Dedication 2’ and ‘Da Drought 3’. Lets take a look at his 10 best mixtapes.

Credit BroBible
Credit BroBible

10] Dedication 3 (2008)

Not as good as his first two, but you can’t deny the overall beauty of this work. ‘Still I Rise’ is his best track and the actual track of ‘Dedication 3’ is wonderful as well.

9] SQ4 (2002)

This is some of Weezy’s old stuff, back when he was still a youngling, this is some of his best work from the beginning of his monstrous career.

8] The Prefix (2004)

This was back when he and Jay-Z’s feud was at its highest, years before the made ‘Mr. Carter’. ‘December 4 (Freestyle) is the best song on here.

7] Sorry 4 The Wait (2011)

This album may feature the best Lil Wayne song ever, and that prestigious title goes to “6 Foot, 7 Foot”. And ‘Sorry 4 the Wait’ is a phenom as well.

6] Sorry 4 The Wait (2015)

This piece of work pretty much stated that Lil Wayne was back in the game.

5] The Dedication (2005)

This was when Lil Wayne started to really put things together and change things up, all this happened at the age of 23.

4] No Ceilings (2009)

A forgotten gem in Lil Wayne’s Mixtape career, but this one stands among the best of his mid-decade classics.

3] The Drought is Over 2 (Tha Carter III Sessions) (2007)

Might be a super weird track that is generally considered a “leak”, but regardless this one is still a banger. His song ‘I Feel like Dying’ is a gut-wrenching take on addiction and depression.

2] Dedication 2 (2006)

‘Georgia…Bush’ is a beautifully crazy song about Wayne’s hometown in New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina, it’s a great song. ‘Dedication 2’ confirmed that Lil Wayne was a force to be reckoned with.

1] Da Drought 3 (2007)

This comes from Lil Wayne’s undisputed Golden Years. Twenty-Seven Tracks at two hours and every single song is a glorified winner.

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