Tila Tequila tries to Baptize her Neighbor's Children

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Tila Tequila tries to Baptize her Neighbor's Children

Former 'A Shot at Love' star kidnap's and tries to baptize her neighbor's children

A new YouTube video uploaded from the former 39-year-old A Shot At Love alum and Adult Film Star, Tila Tequila has surfaced online that shows her trying to baptize her neighbor’s children for “God’s Kingdom.”

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

In the video, Tequila tries to take her neighbor’s children so she can baptize them in her bathtub. The children’s grandmother steps in to retrieve them and exchanges some harsh words with the former reality star.

Tequila question’s if the grandmother care’s about her grandkid’s salvation. Tequila proceeds’ to call the grandmother “Satan” and insists that her grandkid’s need “salvation.”

The grandmother stated that she wasn’t going to have her grandkid’s baptized by Tequila, who then proclaimed that she was “The Church.”

Tequila then proceeded to call the grandmother “The Devil,” which caused the grandmother to safely retrieve her grandchildren and return them to their home, stating: “You can call me whatever you want to…you’re crazy.”

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

The confrontation ends with Tequila insisting that the grandmother will not be forgiven for her sins.

She proceeds to speak into the camera about the Holy Spirit of God want’s the kids to be baptized and how the Devil is trying to prevent them from the baptism.

She ends her experience with the kids by stating that she loves them and that they are welcome to return when they are ready for the baptism.

Tequila ends the video by claiming she can baptize with “fire.” She then states that the grandmother will not be forgiven for her crime against having her grandkid’s baptized.

You can check out the video below:


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