The Wild Rant of TLC Unexpected’s Max Schenezel

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The Wild Rant of TLC Unexpected’s Max Schenezel

Rant! Rant! Rant!

It’s more than apparent that the life of Unexpected’s Max Schenezel is a wild mess.

For starters, the kid was arrested and jailed for three months for stealing a credit card, cash, and casino vouchers from his friend’s sleeping grandmother. He’s due back in court later this month for two separate cases of domestic violence arrests that went back to late 2019 and early 2020. These arrests resulted in him not having contact with his ex-Chloe Mendoza and their daughter Ava.

Max insisted that he remained sober for a year ever since he was placed in cuffs in February of 2020 and charged with four felonies which included auto theft and assault on a police officer. Regardless of insisting that he’s sober, Chloe refuses to let him see their daughter Ava…and maybe that’s for the best.

Max’s retort was to voice his frustration on social media because where else would he be heard right? Through his lengthy rants, he’s obviously called out Chloe, but he’s also made it a point to victimize her family as well as anyone who has negative energy being thrown in his direction.

Things would go back and forth between parties, with some defending Max, and others defending Chloe. With Max accusing Chloe of drinking and continuing to attacking his family, and Chloe defending herself…and stating that he was abusive.

Credit TLC
Credit TLC

The rant that I mentioned above is right here…so have at it folks 😊

It’s so true. Like any of you guys who back up Chloe or her mom literally back them up with no proof at all. The fact that Chloe hasn’t let me see my daughter after being a year sober, with a full time job making great money and I rent my own house with roommates? Like what? I know I was not even close to being the best father I could be in the past but it’s been a year of me being sober and being the best person I could be. I enjoy playing with my friend’s stepson because he reminds me of Ava. Honestly her parents never supported me even before I got into my addiction when I was doing good! They set me up for failure and never gave us a chance to work. So…

Any of you “fans” or people think what they say is true about me your [sic] wrong. I’m a super loving person who would literally cry with happiness if I got to see my daughter and I will soon because I’m taking Chloe to court. You guys only see the drama and the side of me that the show portrayed. You don’t really know me. You also don’t really know Chloe or her family and how evil and toxic they are. Chloe isn’t that bad she just does whatever her family does and that’s what makes the bad side of her. She’s a great mom and yeah I messed up a lot but for her to not let me see Ava right now or get visitation is super f***ed up. Chloe hasn’t even been sober as long as me and I guarantee you she is still afraid of thinking for herself because she’s too concerned what her parents will say or think. The whole time we were together she never made a decision that her mom disagreed with.

Sorry for all the posts I’m just super frustrated that you people don’t see through Chloe’s family’s BS and lies. They are just a bunch of control freaks. They try to downplay my process because I’m proving them wrong and they don’t like it. They don’t like the fact that people are starting to realize how crazy they are and that I got my sh*t together and proved them wrong. Crazy people are fine when people don’t find out that their [sic] liars or fake but as soon as people start finding out the sh*t they do they fly off the hinges 😂😂 It’s actually quite funny like when I ran into Chloe’s aunt at the grocery store…

She said I’ve been txting Chloe and trying to talk to Chloe 😂😂 I want absolutely nothing to do with Chloe and I told her that to her face in the video I posted to YouTube. I told her I never txted Chloe and she kept saying I was lieing [sic] lol. All I want is my daughter in my life and for her family to stop lieing [sic] about me to make themselves look better or to cause drama, honestly don’t know what their motive is ….😂They literally all moved down from New Mexico to Arizona so they could gang up and take my daughter from me. They think their [sic] on some higher level or something. They are no better than me if I’m sober and they drink. If I can hangout with a stranger’s son who’s autistic and do great with him what makes you think I’d not be good around my own daughter that I’m dying to see????

I’m done with this rant but for those of you who didn’t know any of this maybe your eyes will open up to the fact that Chloe and her family are just pure toxic. Even on the show Chloe didn’t want me going to rehab because she wanted me to go to a high school dance with her 😂😂 Now her family is acting like they gave me a chance for support to fix myself but nope I had to do it all alone without my daughter for a whole year! That’s why I need to get partial custody of Ava asap because I don’t want her growing up around that crazy *ss family! I just want to continue to do good and share my positive life I have now with my daughter. All I care about is her. If any of you message me or comment any negative stuff having to do with me and how much I love my daughter I’m blocking you because there’s nothing I want more than to see her.

Looks like Max had something to say lol ....

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