The Roast of Damson Idris by Jay-Z

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The Roast of Damson Idris by Jay-Z

It’s all because the dude was shirtless

Jay-Z just roasted ‘Snowfall’ actor Damson Idris via a Zoom call. On March 11th, Roc Nation senior vice president of A&R, Lenny S, took to his Instagram to share a clip of an interview with Snowfall star with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

Damson would share an incident that involved Jay-Z and a Zoom meeting.

Credit Showbiz Cheat Sheet
Credit Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Idris said that he received a notice to join a Zoom call to celebrate Lenny S’s birthday. Idris would admit that he didn’t know what a Zoom was at the time and that he expected a handful of people.

To his surprise when he called into the room he saw roughly 40 individuals ranging from the likes of Meek Mill, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Killmonger…I mean Michael B. Jordon, and of course…Jay-Z.

Yet, it was how Idris entered the call that would lead off into the roast by Hov.

“I jump on the Zoom and immediately everyone’s laughing because I’m topless,” Idris recalled to Roberts. “I thought there were going to be four people there and it’s literally 40 people there and I hear a distinctive voice and the voice is like, ‘Hey man, this man on here topless with his nipples out and he got the grey headboard. Yo, who’s in charge of this Zoom? Yo Schaffer, you in charge of this Zoom? Yeah, you see that guy Damson, kick him out.”

Idris was quick to rally up an excuse, stating that it was late in London and that he was just getting his hoodie and that he was going to bed. In which Jay-Z responded:

“‘So you wear a hoodie to bed? OK, well, you know, you busy like you said. You in London, so obviously, you know it’s Lenny’s birthday, so why don’t you give your little speech and be on your way.”

Idris would tell Roberts that he couldn’t have been more embarrassed or upset with himself at that moment.

Hey…I mean, this makes for a funny story and those are always great. Now Jay-Z has no choice but to remember you kiddo…so I say that’s a good win.

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