Teen Mom 2: The Repercussions of Jade Cline’s Butt Lift

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Teen Mom 2: The Repercussions of Jade Cline’s Butt Lift

Issues have arisen throughout the surgery

In January Jade Cline traveled to Miami to have a procedure done on her rear end that would involve fat being removed from her body and placed onto her butt.

Cline took to her Instagram to elaborate on how she felt after the procedure along with uploading a photo of her modified rear end. Cline assured her fans that she wanted to go with a very natural look and wasn’t trying to go for anything too “crazy.”

Credit Jade Cline Instagram
Credit Jade Cline Instagram

Cline stated: “wanted to compliment my natural body shape and enhance a few of my features.”

Cline went on to talk about how she felt after the procedure:

"Body update! Still swollen and healing but the shape is coming along! Thanks @DRCHANG_SPECTRUM."

Cline added in regards to her healing:

"I'm a little over three weeks out from my surgery. Still swollen and pretty sore but healing up well.”

Cline would also clarify that she had some fat transferred to her rear end so she still essentially weighs about the same.

“It’s just proportion differently.”

On the podcast ‘Jay & Kay Unfiltered’, Cline gave the reasoning behind her choice:

"I saw so many people I knew that were having BBLs, and I was so impressed and astonished at the shapes of their bodies.”

She also stated that she liked how she looked with her “curvy” new look but stressed that the procedure was still very “painful”.

In an Instagram Q & A Cline reported that her journey to her new look was very painful and that it had a lot of unexpected turns.

“Some crazy stuff happened… It was 10 times worse than childbirth. Everyone is different, but I know that my body definitely had a hard time recovering."

Cline also added:

"I didn't realize how hard recovering was going to be. I feel silly now because I honestly thought it was gonna be so much easier."

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