The Mindset of Kim K after Kanye

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The Mindset of Kim K after Kanye

Let's just say she's a new woman

After oh so many years, the one and only Kim Kardashian is finally single.

She and Hip-Hop icon Kanye West have been on shaky grounds for a number of months and Kardashian finally filed for divorce last week.


The big question now is…is Kim looking for husband numero four?

The short answer to that is quite simply put.


A source close to Kardashian emphasized that she is very focused on herself and her family and that’s pretty much it. With a lot of the focus being guided into her being in “business mode.”

Credit Entertainment Tonight
Credit Entertainment Tonight

It’s been said that following her divorce, Kardashian is heavily focused on passing the California Bar exam and becoming a lawyer.

It should also be noted that Kim might be rebranding her cosmetics company to phase out her ex-husband. SKIMS (her cosmetics company) is another major focus of hers.

"Kim hasn't expressed whether or not she will remove 'West' from her branding," the first source reveals. "If she left it, it would be for her to share the same last name as her kids. Her kids and their happiness are her main priority. She is very protective over them."

Another source close to Kardashian was also kind of enough to shed a little bit more light on the divorce itself.

"Kim was just tired of waiting. She tried to give it a chance. She wanted to do this last year. She gave it plenty of time but it's just time to move on," the insider said. "There were no affairs. No one did anything bad. They grew apart."

The divorce itself may have been a shock to some, but it was more than apparent that the two were growing apart from one another within the past year. With Kanye focusing on his botched political run and Kim focusing on bettering herself, it almost seemed inevitable. With that said…

Good Luck Kim! 😊

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