Tensions rise for '90 Day Fiancé’ Star Yazan over Dating Brittany

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Tensions rise for '90 Day Fiancé’ Star Yazan over Dating Brittany

Yazan's family does not support his romantic decision with Brittany

Family tensions have arisen for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star’s Brittney Banks and Yazan Abo Horira.

Yazan was met with severe criticism over dating Brittney from his conservative Muslim family, to the extent of Yazan’s father possibly killing him.

Credit: Distractify
Credit: Distractify

On a November 22 episode, Brittany met up with Yazan brother Obaida to talk about the situation at hand.

Brittany stated: “I love Yazan a lot and I wanna be with him, but I don’t necessarily feel comfortable doing that if you guys don’t want that.”

Obaida stated that numerous relatives were willing to hurt Yazan over his romantic decision. “There are people in the family Brittany, that hate Yazan.

They will kill him because they’re saying it will affect the family.” Obaida also stated that he’s scared for Brittany.

“The family is not accepting this situation, and their point of view is that he is gonna marry a foreigner and become like them — change all his customs and traditions for a woman.

So, to us here, this is wrong. Very wrong, not just a little.”

Obaida comforted Brittany who broke down into tears, stating that she’s aware of how much Yazan loves his family.

Brittany said that she didn’t want Yazan’s family to abandon him over her. Obaida retorted, by saying that he would stand with his brother regardless of his decision but that he was truly going to lose some things within his life-altering decision.

Brittany also offered to convert to Islam, but Obaida countered by telling her to “leave it to destiny.”

Unfortunately, tensions have arisen between Brittany and Yazan over the situation. With Brittany rethinking the overall situation.

“I have to worry about my own well-being, and I have to think about if this relationship is worth it.

Do I love him enough to go through with this?” she said. “I have to think about the safety of Yazan because he is potentially in danger because of our relationship.”

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