Tensions rise between ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Lauren Comeau and Javi Marroquin Amid Rumored Cheating

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Tensions rise between ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Lauren Comeau and Javi Marroquin Amid Rumored Cheating

The conflict arose from a recent episode of Teen Mom 2

Rumors have surfaced that Javi Marroquin had attempted to hook up with his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry. Because of this, tensions have risen between Lauren Comeau and Marroquin.

Comeau touched upon it on her Instagram:

"One of the most insane and devastating parts of narcissist abuse is the projection tactics that narcissists use," a quote shared by Comeau on Nov. 10 reads. "Narcissists, quite simply, accuse you of all the things that they do themselves."

Credit: InTouch
Credit: InTouch

Comeau and Marroquin had a cheating scandal last year, but Marroquin promised to turn his life around and become a better man, and that he wanted to focus on bettering themselves.

The news of Marroquin attempting a move on Lowry is very surprising. During an October 2nd episode of Teen Mom 2, Lowry touched upon the incident, claiming that he attempted to hook up with her when they were dropping off their son Lincoln.

Lowry stated: "Is that why you tried to f**k me on Tuesday in the Wawa parking lot while your girlfriend’s home with your son?" she dished to a producer.

"[Marroquin] pulled into the Wawa parking lot while I was getting gas. He was like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ And he opened [his car] door and was like, ‘I wanna f**k you,' plain and simple."

Marroquin has recently stated that he is unsure of his future with MTV, stating that the longer he’s on the show the more damage it could potentially do to fathering his kids.

Since the alleged scandal, Comeau has deleted all pics of Marroquin off her Instagram.

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