Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Malorie Beaver Arrested

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Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Malorie Beaver Arrested

20 year old teen mom Malorie has been charged with.....

Malorie Beaver is Rachel beaver’s ( mom to daughter Hazlee,1) younger sister and according to Starcasm has been arrested and put back in Jail after caught juvenile driving while intoxicated.

I'm not sure fame is doing the Beaver’s any good, fame seems to be getting them in more trouble than ever before. Numerous online sources reported that this is a good way of you trying to prove your a “better mom”. This illegal incident occurred around 5 am and managed to get out on bail that same day.

She was charged for domestic assault just before midnight back in February following a physical row with her grandmother Janice Bollen whilst she was heavily drunk according to a police officer on the scene, the officer said she did “appear to be intoxicated as she was unsteady on her feet with slurred speech.”

Janice reported that “Malorie went into the bathroom and fell into the door waking up her child causing her to cry.”

Malorie did not allow her grandma Janice to take the child from her; she took her daughter Emmerson with her in the bedroom whilst the crying didn't stop.

Grandma was concerned for the safety of the infant if Malorie fell over being in an inebriated state and an attempt to calm the infant down and stop her from crying, Malorie was not cooperating according to the police officer on scene.

According to starcasm the report stated;

“[Janice] advised [Rachel] began being loud and it scared the child so she wanted to sit in her lap which hurt Ms. Beaver’s feelings. She advised Ms. Beaver began saying bad things about her and then grabbed her arm in an aggressive manner twice. Ms. Bollen stated she advised Ms. Beaver not to grab her again or she would contact the police and Ms. Beaver told her to go ahead and continued to be verbally aggressive toward her.”

Malorie got out on bail with this one too after being charged for domestic assault towards her grandmother and was released the next day, posting a $1000 bond.

The Beaver sisters seem to have a lot in common, they both do not know who the father of their babies are, however they have two different ideologies of what is best for their child! Malorie isn’t done having fun, and thinks its best “in the long run” if she doesn’t raise her! This is pretty shocking to Rachel!

One fan said “Emmerson is so beautiful 😍 , I'll take her”

Another one commented;

“I’ll be damned if I was to give up my baby’s just to what, party f**k that I can party when her graduate and is off on her own I love my baby too much to even think of something like that Malorie need to grow up and just stop having sex altogether”

"She’s so young" and really doesn’t comprehend the consequences of her actions or how complicated this situation may become. I hope her mom can care for the child.

Malorie is incredibly lucky to have her mom be a huge help!

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