Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant ‘100% canceled’ Girls STILL Stuck Under MTV Contract

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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant ‘100% canceled’ Girls STILL Stuck Under MTV Contract

Has MTV cancelled one of there biggest shows? Some fans arent having it!

If your a Teen Mom fan then your a Young And Pregnant fan since many of the Teen Mom Og, Teen Mom 2 cast members started at Young And Pregnant.

MTV decided to pull the plug on the series Young and Pregnant. Yet the cast members remain under contract and are unable to pursue any other network or television opportunities.

Maybe MTV has something in the works that will fill in some of the gaps and allow the cast members to get back to work.

Looks like there are a lot of mixed emotions about the decision. Many viewers were ok with the cancellation saying the show was just a waste of space and MTV should be working on better storylines with more drama.

Other viewers went on the attack and said they are so upset about the cancellation and were totally into the show. Going on to say that they hope this is not the final decision and warn MTV that they will no longer watch MTV if MTV DOES go through with it.

Others were hopeful saying that other cast members went on to do other shows and that MTV can't stop people from working for too long.

Well, see what MTVs final decision is, as this story is still growing and changes may occur after the backlash. Let's face it, once a network makes a decision and gets the heat from the public, they sometimes retract their decision and make it right for the viewers.

Networks are in the business of ratings, which means that it's in their best interest to conform to the viewers and give them what they want.

As far as there contracts, that's all a matter of the legal department against each cast member's attorneys. Some cast members are better equipped with legal force and better negotiation strategies. The ones who negotiate better will end up with better terms at the end.

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