Teen Mom: Who is Ashley Jones Baby Daddy?

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Teen Mom: Who is Ashley Jones Baby Daddy?

What’s up with Ashley Jones Baby Daddy?

A few days ago I did an article about the ankle gadget that Bar wears that measured his alcohol content. But…just who the hell is Bar Smith anyway?

Ashley and Bar share Holly (3) at the moment, and the two had their introduction to teen mom shenanigans when Ashley made her debut on Young and Pregnant.

Credit Instagram
Credit Instagram

Back then she accused Bar of domestic abuse, the two had their fair share of ups and down’s throughout the years, but now things appear to have smoothed out.

Ashley has even teased that the two may be getting married sooner than later. Some would even go as far as to speculate that the two have tied the knot, and Ashley is just keeping the news close to the vest.

Bar gained a little bit of notoriety this past April 1st when he posted a fake pregnancy announcement. It seemed innocent enough but fans were quick to chastise him for joking about a matter that shouldn’t be joked about.

Bar would also gain some heat for blasting Teen Mom for not acknowledging him as a father, ahead of the new season. The teaser clip that got Bar heated featured him proposing to Ashley, but there was no mention of him being Holly’s father. Bar would respond with the following Tweet:

Credit Twitter
Credit Twitter

There may not be a whole lot about Bar at the moment, but give it some time and we’ll have plenty of good ol dirt on the guy.

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