Teen Mom Star Ryan Edwards faces very serious Allegations

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Teen Mom Star Ryan Edwards faces very serious Allegations

The Allegations stemmed from his relationship with Maci Bookout

It’s more than apparent that Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have a tremendous amount of tension between themselves.

Credit Heavy
Credit Heavy

The couple has had their share of heated confrontations throughout the years, with many of the incidents stemming from Ryan’s addiction and abusive history.

It now seems as though Ryan has been hit with pedophilia allegations. Maci had become pregnant with Bentley when she was sixteen-years-old. What a lot of people didn’t acknowledge at the time was the fact that Ryan was twenty-years-old at the time.

At the time fans didn’t notice the age difference but it’s being brought to the light now, as fans on Reddit discussed the situation stating that it was very strange and a possible criminal situation.

One redditer wrote:

"Thanks for giving me another reason to find Ryan gross."

Another stated:

"I hate this so much. I’m from the same area as them, and it’s sadly 'normalized' for older boys to date younger girls like they did, especially in the early 2000s,"

With another stating:

"I had no idea? This makes me think even worse about this jerk off,"

It is worth mentioning that the age of consent in Tennessee is thirteen. So what Ryan did wasn’t exactly “Illegal” it is certainly frowned upon.

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