Teen Mom Star Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer sued for 3 Mil for withholding money from their promotions

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Teen Mom Star Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer sued for 3 Mil for withholding money from their promotions

Tensions have arose through different companies

It appears as though Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer’s company C&A Enterprises and The William Gerard Group were sued for a breach of contract by consulting company Envy back in April of 2020.

Credit Chelsea Houska Instagram
Credit Chelsea Houska Instagram

Envy stated that the company entered a contract with The William Gerard Group back in 2015 to provide consulting services to Chelsea and Cole, who entered the contract back in 2016, in exchange for a portion of the revenue made from their deals.

Chelsea’s children, Aubree, Watson, and Layne were included in the contract.

Envy worked as a “consultant to negotiate appearance, endorsement, licensing, royalty and television agreements and related contracts” between 2015 through 2019.

Court papers stated that Chelsea and Cole failed to pay any of the “contractually required fees”

Chelsea and Cole were required to pay Envy 35% of all fees or royalties for domestic deals and 40% for foreign deals.

The papers claimed that the couple “breached their contracts by directing certain Brands to directly pay Houska, DeBoer, one of the other Shared Clients, and/or other persons or entities to avoid paying Envy Licensing Fees.”

They also “both failed to perform, without any cause or reason, many of their responsibilities to the Brands… This included, but is not limited to Bombay Hair Wand, Carseat Canopy, Daniel Wellington, Diff, Fab Fit Fun, Highway3, Kitsch, Kitsch Hats, Loving Tan, One Memory Lane, Perfekt Beauty, Profile Sanford, Sintillia, Sparkling Organics Sipp, Sugar Bear Hair, Teami Blends, and Timeless Organics.”

The incident forced the two to “forfeit certain fees upon which Envy was entitled to receive.”

Envy would state that the couple made millions of dollars due to their efforts. The company issuing the defendants for $3 million.

Chelsea and Cole would respond and hit back against the lawsuit by filing a counterclaim in May of 2020, alleging Envy actually withheld $150,000 from them. They would eventually deny the claims stating that they didn’t owe any payments to Envy.

Chelsea and Cole claimed that Envy has “actually harmed the professional careers of Defendants Chelsea and Cole by withholding considerable payments from them and acting in an unprofessional manner, including but not limited to, arguing with and acting disrespectfully toward Chelsea and Cole, potential and then-existing licensing contacts, and other professional contacts of Chelsea and Cole."

The couple also stated that Envy omitted numerous deals and/or revenues from the Account Statements for the sole purpose of depriving Chelsea, Cole, and TWGG from receiving funds rightfully due and owing to them. Chelsea would claim that Envy owed her $154,074.62 from deals with Loving Tan, Profile, Diff Eyewear, and more.

Envy would deny the claims and Chelsea would claim that she was unable to give a testimony until March due to her fourth pregnancy.

Chelsea and Cole would welcome their fourth child, their daughter Walker at the end of January.

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