Teen Mom Star Briana DeJesus wants a Sugar Daddy

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Teen Mom Star Briana DeJesus wants a Sugar Daddy

Briana also revealed she's returning to school

Briana DeJesus revealed that she wants a ‘Sugar Daddy’ so she can stay at home with her two daughters.

Briana has recently accused both of her baby daddies, Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez of not paying for child support.

Credit The Sun
Credit The Sun

Briana tweeted the following:

"So since I work in corporate America. I have pto and I’ve been using it and now that it’s almost coming to an end….I really don’t wanna go back…”

“Need a sugar daddy so I can stay home forever.”

It’s very apparent that Briana and Devoin have had issues with their child support payments for their daughter, Nova. Briana demanded that Devoin pay more money for their daughter’s activities.

Briana also claimed that ex-Luis Hernandez gave her a STD.

Briana admitted to working three jobs to provide for her children:

"All I was asking was for 250 a month each for their kid so I can use it towards gymnastics bill and daycare. I haven’t asked for anything else."

Devoin would share how he paid for Nova’s gymnastics bill after Briana insisted he never covered the bills, proudly showing off the monthly receipt for $1,575.

Devoin posted:

"First thing I did once I got my money RIGHT?? Only sharing this because this is the start f a new beginning!! I can afford this s**t like it's NOTHING now (if you get whatthe f**k I'm saying) equality #allparentsmatter."

He would also fire off at critics:

"Y'all chill lol. There is SOOO much more expenses to gymnastics. That's just a lil sum summm. But it's HELP!!!”

It’s also worth mentioning that Briana revealed that she was going back to school:

"Can't wait to become a medical biller/coder y'all have any advice?

"Being a full-time mom, full-time employee and full-time student??? Send help lmao."

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