Teen Mom: Lauren Comeau getting Wild

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Teen Mom: Lauren Comeau getting Wild

Lauren Cut Loose during a Trip

Javi Marroquin’s ex, Lauren Comeau did an Instagram story of herself cutting loose.

During the Instastory, Lauren (29) can be seen partying with her two gal pal’s while listening to Mitchell Tenpenny’s “Drunk Me” song.

In the edgy video, Lauren chugged her shot while sipping from a large Starbucks cup.

Credit Instagram
Credit Instagram

In the video, Lauren utilized Instagram’s poll feature to ask fans if they were fans of Mitchell’s music.

Back in April, Lauren also cut loose with a few tequila shots with some of her girlfriends.

This time it was a short video in which she referenced the hit show The Office.

Lauren stood in for John Krasinski’s, Jim Halpert. Lauren dubbed the line:

"I promiseeeeed other people that I'd be on my worst behavior, and I gave 'em my word so…"

In the caption of the video, Lauren wrote:: "In honor of thirsty thursday! & counting down till I get to celebrate with my girls next weekend!

"We’re gunna get a little crazy because we can Gretchen Wilson is the vibe summer 2021, because I feel like we have been locked up for 17 years and I just need a dive bar, my girlfriends, some Tito’s and Arbonne protein bars. Anyone else with us?!"

Fans think Lauren’s crazy behavior has to do with her ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin.

Lauren recently accused Javi of trying to have relations with his ex-girlfriend Kail Lowry. In a Teen Mom, episode, Kail all but confirmed the theory. Kail stated that Javi tried to have sex with her during a drop-off for their kid in a parking lot.


Fans originally thought Javi and Lauren got back together in March, but they appear to be split.

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