Teen Mom OG: Tensions Between Taylor and Larry

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Teen Mom OG: Tensions Between Taylor and Larry

The Husbands of Maci and Jen speak out

Everyone is well aware of the termination of Jen and Larry Edwards, but the couple made an appearance on the “Teen Mom OG Reunion” special. Of course…things got heated between Jen and Larry and Maci and Taylor.

Tensions between the couples would rise when Dr. Drew questioned Larry about a tabloid interview in which Larry blamed Maci for limited visitations for Bentley. Taylor would come to Maci’s defense and state that they had been doing everything to help Bentley due to Ryan’s absence in his life.

Credit The Sun
Credit The Sun

Dr. Drew would continue to stoke the fire (he’s very good at this) by asking Larry about Maci “putting things in Bentley’s head.” At this point it’s visibly clear that Larry is agitated, stating that he never said those exact words but elaborated on the fact that a twelve-year-old could be manipulated.

Dr. Drew would comment on the rising tensions and asked if the relationship between everyone could be healed.

Maci would then remark that she was quite shocked at the manipulation accusations, stating that she didn’t know they existed.

At this point, the tears would flow, and the tissues would rise as Jen would state that Maci knew she and Larry were in the middle of everything as well as comment on how much they loved their grandson, as well as their ongoing support for Ryan.

Larry would lean forward, hands arched with frustration stirring in his eyes. With a visible heat radiating off of him to the point where his glasses appeared to be foggy. Larry would remark on the fact that Maci believed they put Bentley in an unsafe situation.

“Let me tell you something. Never would that ever happen.”

This would prompt Jen to try and calm down Larry…

Taylor would remark: “Don’t you buck up to me.”

He would then lean forward to Larry with all of his focus on Bentley’s grandfather:

"When you're forcing him when y'all are showing up to something and you're telling him, 'Go over there and give your dad a hug. Go take a picture with your dad.' Bentley is a child… Stop forcing a relationship on the child. Stop guilt-tripping him into it."

This prompted both wives to get involved, unfortunately to no avail.

Taylor would snarl: “You’re a sorry son of a bitch.”

This caused Dr. Drew to get involved, stating that these tensions and actions weren’t “putting Bentley first”.

The anger and animosity would reach an all-time high as Larry brought up a phone conversation between the Bentley and Taylor from three years ago as the scene cut to black.

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