'Teen Mom OG' Taylor Selfridge Is Let Go From MTV Following Tweets Baby Special Cancelled

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'Teen Mom OG' Taylor Selfridge Is Let Go From MTV Following Tweets Baby Special Cancelled

Taylor Selfridge fired from Teen Mom OG for insensitive tweets which have resurfaced, baby special has also been cancelled

Mom OG star Taylor Selfridge claims she actually has quit the MTV show after her baby special with partner Cory Wharton was canceled because of her ‘racist’ tweets.

MTV has fired another one of its cast amid the shout out for racial justice across the US. The news was announced on Tuesday that Taylor Selfridge would no longer be on Teen Mom OG and her special with boyfriend Cory Wharton, would not be airing on the network.

According to ET an MTV spokesperson said;
"MTV pulled Teen Mom OG At Home: Cory & Taylor’s Baby Special from its Tuesday schedule and is ending our relationship with Taylor Selfridge as a result of her past racist statements on social media,"

"MTV strongly condemns systemic racism and stands with those raising their voices against injustice."

Taylor responded to MTV's decision on her Instagram Story;

"As you guys know already our special didn't air tonight," she wrote on Tuesday night. "I made the decision last week to not film the next season of Teen Mom OG with Cory for the benefit of myself and my daughter. I don't believe the reality TV lifestyle benefits me any further at this point in my life. With current events being what they are and reality TV being selective in who they apply rules to or what is considered acceptable behavior, I do not have any further respect."

She went on;
"Once again, I apologize for anyone I have hurt or offended in the past. I have addressed my mistakes many times on the network and I would like to move on and continue to be the best version of myself. My past does not define who I am today and I hope you guys can see the change. Please respect my decision to provide a normal, healthy life for my family."

"I don't think that at the time, because I was younger, I don't think I was thinking that it was anything negative. I thought, 'Oh well, this is funny or something like that.' But it's not. I'm 25 now, this happened a long time ago," Taylor said when she was confronted about her tweets by Cheyenne. "I don't feel like that at all. That's my biggest mistake. I just had to grow up, honestly. And I had to experience other places. I was in one place for so long."

"I'm not racist but it's hard to say that I'm not to anybody because of things that they've seen."

The tweets from 2012 were vulgar and racially insensitive, Taylor used the N-word, talked about her fear of black people at work, and made many other disparaging comments about black women.

One from 2012 said;
“We have to greet everyone at work, but sometimes I won't greet the black people cause they scare me - I won't say names hahaha hahaha!

In 2013 she posted
“Taking a nap cause the n****s taking forever to pick me up... I LOVE PARKING LOTS

Another one said;
Asked my dad to help me wrap “the only kind of “wrapping” I do is n***a rap”


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