Teen Mom Og stars Catelynn and Tyler On Having Another Baby

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Teen Mom Og stars Catelynn and Tyler On Having Another Baby

A dispute arose during the last episode

Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom OG centered heavily on Catelynn and Tyler’s discussion in regards to having another child.

Credit MTV
Credit MTV

Unfortunately, this conversation led to one of the biggest fights between the couple as they traversed to an orchard with their two daughters Nova, Vaeda, and Tyler’s mom, Kim.

The family had gone to an orchard. At one point it was stated that the bounce house at the location would be closing soon. Catelynn would look up the information and inform Tyler that the bounce house was still open.

Tensions would get hostile between the couple, as Catelynn thought Tyler and their daughter, Vaeda would be going with them. Tyler would get upset over the fact that Catelynn raised her voice as she questioned him.

His response was in regards to the fact that they had to stay and watch Vaeda. The situation ended with Catelynn taking her daughter to the play area and telling Tyler:

"Don't be a d— to me."

Upon returning from the play area, the couple would retouch on the incident. In the end, Catelynn would apologize for the incident, stating that she didn’t remember snapping at Tyler.

Tyler would apologize for his role in the argument, admitting that he had gotten worked up and that he just wanted their daughter to get to the bounce house before it closed. In the end, the two were able to put their differences aside.

The two would also discuss that they wanted to have another baby. In January Catelynn told popculture.com that she and her husband "definitely" want to have another kid, but they're leaving it "up to the universe… I feel like no matter when you go through it, as a woman, when you get a positive pregnancy test you start feeling excited and hopeful.”

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