‘Teen Mom OG’ Showcases Dramatic Weight Loss

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Showcases Dramatic Weight Loss

Teen Mom Mackenzie has shed some serious pounds after only 6 months of giving birth to a daughter! Fans are amazed and shocked. Apparently the loss was made natural way. She shows off her new body

A lot has changed for Mackenzie throughout the show. From her tying the knot with Ryan when he was intoxicated to her seemingly enabling and defending Ryan’s controversial treatment towards son Bentley, Needless to say, she is not the one with the most favourite fan base. But nothing is getting in Mackenzie's way of getting in shape.

Now this time it's Mackenzie, wow is all I can say, you go, girl, after only 6 months postpartum, she just gave birth to her third child, is her second with her husband Ryan Edwards, in January.

A recent Instagram post captioned with just a palm tree wowed her 500k followers with her looking nothing short of amazing, showing off her new bikini body!


Fans were totally amazed, curious and envious, definitely not what they expected after only 6 months of giving birth to their baby girl, that is no time at all!

How do you look that fantastic after all those babies?! 😍

How do you look so good after two babies pretty much back to back?!? Share your secrets!!

Dang killer bod for 3 kids later!

Can't even tell you had kids ❤️🔥👏👌

It looks as though this reality tv celebrity went the natural route when she shed these summer pounds! That's the way to do it, Mackenzie :)

Unfortunately, the good always comes with the bad and there were Reddit users who had less supporting things to say;

“B*tches be having the self-discipline and willpower to lose a bunch of weight but still can’t be bothered to ditch their deadbeat men. 🐸☕,” wrote user lesmullet on reddit.

“I really like her swimsuit. But Mack can lose weight, get surgery, do whatever and her personality will always suck 1,626,347 d*cks.”

User Muffin-sangria wrote,

Speaking of enabling negative and toxic behaviour, Mackenzie buys her ‘SOBER” husband, let’s not forget he missed the birth of son Jagger due to him being admitted to rehab for the third time! Ok, are you ready? She bought him a wine decanter set for father's day like seriously! What are you trying to do here, he has had several check-ins to rehab this is not a joke, this needs to be taken seriously! Mackenzie received some serious backlash for this on Instagram Some show viewers voiced their opinion as;
“the most ignorant thing ever”

Reddit users said; "

she could’ve gotten him anything, but “some people just don’t get it.”

Someone else called Mackenzie “utterly stupid” and told her to educate herself on some literature about alcohol addiction and recovery.

One wrote:
“Wow, this has literally got to be the most ignorant thing I've ever seen.”

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