Teen Mom OG: Ratings Continue to Decline

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Teen Mom OG: Ratings Continue to Decline

MTV reconsiders the show’s future

It’s no secret that the ratings for the once-beloved “Teen Mom OG” are on a very steady and concerning decline.

With each new season comes new cast members, which inevitably means raises for the cast that’s already there. This has become concerning for the network, considering that the program is becoming less and less popular each week, which isn’t a good thing.

Credit MTV
Credit MTV

The show has been renewed for another season, but the decline in ratings is still very concerning to studio executives.

The upcoming season is being known as “Season 9B” which is a bit peculiar. This has led many to believe that the upcoming season will be predominantly content shot from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teen Mom was popular right out the gate. Receiving 2.1 million viewers in its premiere episode back in 2009. The Season 1 finale would grant them a whopping 3.6 million viewers. The viewers would only escalate from that point on.

However, after being on the air for over a decade, it’s no surprise that ratings would drop (this happens to a lot of shows).

Season 9A garnished viewership numbers of around 600,000. However, ratings would decline with each coming episode to the point where the April 6 episode granted a viewership of 501,000. An all-time low for the series.

The question now is how come MTV hasn’t cut ties with the show. Many believe the answer lies in the 9A/9B structure. Naming the upcoming season “9B” prevents producers from giving their stars a raise, considering the ninth season has been split into “two”.

This little loophole is pretty clever seeing as a tenth season for “Teen Mom OG” is very questionable. Stars might be temperamental due to the lack of a raise…or grateful that their show can go on for just a little bit longer.

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