Teen Mom OG' Farrah Abraham Speaks Out About MTV's Sex Shaming' Being Fired And Catelynn Lowell Isn't Having It

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Teen Mom OG' Farrah Abraham Speaks Out About MTV's Sex Shaming' Being Fired And Catelynn Lowell Isn't Having It

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG speaks out about MTVs misconduct, but other cast members arent having it

Despite it being more than two years since she left Teen Mom OG, the 28-year-old is still not over it and still has a lot of fury! Farrah again accused MTV of unrighteously firing her from the show in 2018 via Tik Tok and Instagram. sharing a clip of herself and 10-year-old daughter Sophia with daughter Sophia and captioned,

"Wrongfully fired by a male on Teen Mom. This is how women are wrongfully fired every day." Farrah commenting further during the scenes, accusing the producer of the show Morgan J. Freeman of "lies, lies, lies" after (according to InTouch Weekly), he told her she has "very little empathy or compassion for other people,"

Abraham displayed a great deal of unacceptable behavior while on the show. She got into several family feuds, disputing with fellow castmates, producers, and cameramen. What is more shocking is her 'neglectful' parenting towards her daughter, Sophia.

Many fans of the show saw Sophia being scalded with hot water or falling off the bed after being left alone, We’ve also seen Farrah yell at Sophia for crying and then turn off the light and leave the little girl in a dark room alone instead of giving her the comfort needed, seriously troubling isn't it!

Ultimately though, what got Abraham fired from Teen Mom was not her bad attitude, it was her participation in adult films. Farrah recorded more than one adult film while she was still cast on Teen Moms.

Fans of the show disapproved, stating that her behavior was not at all appropriate. Ultimately, the decision to remove her from the show was due to the fact that she no longer fit with the brand narrative that the show was trying to sell.

in February 2018 Farrah then filed a lawsuit against Freeman, MTV-owner Viacom, and other production companies involved in the show for at least $5 million, alleging "sex shaming" for her work outside the show. Abraham continued casting on the show until April 2018.

In 2018, she posted on Instagram. “I stand up for what is right so we all can be treated better and have a better world. If you want to continue this bad cycle, then stay away from me and my family. Start treating people better. … Stop impacting generations with the hateful culture. It’s wrong and will always be wrong.”

Is the former Teen Mom star trying to make a comeback? She also told Radar Online that she still goes out with executives and producers who work on the series! It sounds like she wants to be back on the show! Not sure the other cast members do.

Catelynn Lowell told Us Weekly she does not want to see Farrah return to the show.

"Everyone loves a train wreck, so if MTV brings her back, I hope all the fans enjoy watching that, but I would not help them bring her back or petition against her because that's a waste of my time, and I've wasted enough of my time trying to befriend her and help her in the past,"

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