‘Teen Mom OG’ Cheyenne Is Being Called Out For Her Past Tweets

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Cheyenne Is Being Called Out For Her Past Tweets

Shocking comments have resurfaced Cheyenne's social media accounts and gone public. She explains the tweets blaming shared accounts. She speaks out about George Floyd's unjust murder

Cheyenne Floyd had deleted her twitter account over old controversial and shocking tweets against white people from years ago that were resurfaced by fans and went public. According to Ashley, these tweets were posted shortly after the news that Cheyenne and her baby daddy Cory Wharton had been officially chosen for ‘Teen Mom OG.’ In 2011 Cheyenne tweeted;

My mum said I can't see the movie called ''The Help", she already knows I have a problem with white people.

“Last night I saw it and I wanted to kill every white person I saw”, she responded

In 2012, she posted;

"This little white kid told me I looked like a cat I should have kicked him in his head.”

In 2018, at the time inaugural teen mom finally addresses her racist tweets. Cheyenne took to her Instagram Live to explain the hate-filled tweets.

“As a mom of a baby with a biracial dad, and a member of a new blended, mixed-race family, I am so sorry that these messages resurfaced, and they do not represent me at all,” Cheyenne wrote.

In her Instagram Live message, Cheyenne explained the tweets away by stating that they weren’t her words…....

They came from a shared social media account (multiple users), during my teenage/college years,” Cheyenne wrote. “Although I didn’t write to them, Twitter they were in poor taste and hurtful. Through this experience, I have grown up so much and thank God every day for the woman I’m becoming.”

Well according to a controversial Reddit discussion;

“Cheyenne deleted her “apology” that ‘blamed’ her racist tweets on a shared Twitter account”

That Same year Cheyenne retweeted a tweet seemingly sent to her by a friend that was utterly shocking.

"(Cheyenne) and (Redacted ) are the only Nazi - loving, black power - having, 'kill - a - white - baby - if - I - could' people I can accept and adore."

On the 9th of June Challenge MTV posted on their official twitter page, as a result of Dee Nguyen's recent insulting comments on the Black Lives Matter Movement;

“We have severed ties with her. Out of respect for our challengers, we will air the season as planned. We strongly condemn systemic racism and stand with those raising their voices against injustice.

Cheyenne’s unimpressed reply was;

“Wish y'all had the same energy when I did the challenge” adding a ‘yawn’ emoji at the end.

Cheyenne Floyd is taking a stand like many others. The Teen Mom OG star is known to speak up on social media, and after seeing several racist tweets pop up on her timeline she of course spoke out.

Cheyenne tweeted out an important message after the death of George Floyd saying;

"Being black cannot be a death sentence," she wrote. She continued on with another message, saying,

"Dear Black Men, You are worthy. You are valuable. You are kings."

Unfortunately, Cheyenne saw a great deal of hate on her post, as her next vulgar tweet detailed;

“In the last hour, I’ve been called a n****r, c**t, monkey, animal, and black b***h because I spoke up.” “The world we live in sickens me”. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

“The amount of ignorance and racism on my recent post is beyond me,” she commented.

“I’ve been told because I have a platform I should stay neutral”

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