Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Floyd’s Birthday Bash for Ryder

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Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Floyd’s Birthday Bash for Ryder

Ryder turned Four

Cheyenne Floyd aimed to make her daughter Ryder’s fourth birthday as memorable as possible.

The Teen Mom threw a party that involved the Octonauts and a massively huge cake.

Credit Instatgram
Credit Instatgram

Her boyfriend Zach Davis was obviously there as well as her ex Cory Wharton and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge.

Cheyenne would rent out a large play space that left the kids with plenty of room to run wild, so big that it even had its own tiny carousel. The party was based around the kid’s series Octonauts and featured plates, cups, and plenty of other decorations based around the popular television series.

Ryder would sit at a table that sat in front of the two-tiered blue cake featuring her name and the Octonauts characters, with a basket overflowing with cake pops.

Ryder wore a blue tutu with black biker shorts and a white tee that had her name on it, as well as a blue bow in her hair.

Cheyenne would post an emotional tribute to her firstborn:

"My sweet big girl, I could cry at how big she is getting!! Can’t believe she’s going to be four next week.

Happy Bday Ryder!!

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