Teen Mom OG's: Farrah Abraham and Daughter Sophia Puppy Dreams Shutdown

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Teen Mom OG's: Farrah Abraham and Daughter Sophia Puppy Dreams Shutdown

Looks like Farrah and Sophia wont be meeting the dream dog they wished for...

This all started last Sunday when Farrah's daughter Sophia, announced on YouTube that they were going to buy a puppy and have a new addition to their household, and their social media world by having a Pomeranian puppy called Manny.

In the video posted you could see that the dog was going to be purchased on PuppySpot.com.

Following this video, the company was flooded with emails and messages from haters to stop the sale due to Farrah mistreating animals in the past.

Following the cancellation of the puppy purchase Farrah was clearly not happy with the situation and took to Instagram to share her inner anger and disappointment:

"COMING IN HOT🐶 OWNER OF PUPPYSPOT.COM scammed Sophia of her new puppy online at PuppySpot.com signed a contract, approved family, took all the money and then cruelly used haters made up lies of passed hater traumatizing false claims of beloved blue passing two years ago as the unethical and illegal call two weeks later as a slanderous scam excuse to not send the new puppy she owns, Sophia won’t have her new family member for Easter.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Super Mom Farrah & Family step in! See the public review Farrah wrote this morning & listen to this NEW EPISODE ABRAHAM GAL’S EP. #4 of “DON’T BUY YOUR DOG ONLINE FROM PUPPYSPOT.COM RECORDED CALL FROM OWNER”.

Credit: ListenNotes
Credit: ListenNotes

How malicious can an online dog seller be to traumatize a family again after therapy?!".

Within her post, she uploaded a new episode of her and Sophia's podcast that will focus on the puppy purchase and its cancellation. “The haters just are ruining it,” Farrah says in the podcast. “And honestly, the breeder isn’t strong enough to understand the hate and the celebrity that they’re dealing with.”

The drama continues when Farrah calls PuppySpot, and demands to speak to the owner claiming what was done is illegal!

Credit: VectorStock
Credit: VectorStock

The owner further explained that there is a clause in their contracts that allows them to cancel at any time during the process.

Farrah continued venting her frustration by leaving a negative review on the companies TrustPilot.com: "Illegal Fraud Puppuspot.com owner call recorded -

I just woke up after two weeks of thinking and my daughter and family thinking a puppy was on the way, we paid 5k for a dog upfront we never met, got approved, signed contract and had our money taken. The owner, and customer service and sales agents have no remorse and are scam artists.

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