'Teen Mom' Nathan Griffith Charged With Stalking

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'Teen Mom' Nathan Griffith Charged With Stalking

Looks like Karma is real, a little pay back from Nathan making up false claims about Jennelle and David Eason, because Nathan has just been charged with stalking!

Looks like Teen Mom Nathan Griffith is in deep water. I guess karma does exist! Recently Nathan who was drunk ranting on twitter claiming baby momma Jenelle Evans abuses their child got a little payback because Nathan was just charged with stalking!

Seems like he has a history of invading people's privacy and creating drama.

I mean Jenelle and kids are literally on social media daily having fun and enjoying there lives. Kids are always happy and smiling, anyone who involves children in their sick twisted agendas are awful.

In recently reviewed police report documents Nathan was charged on July 2nd for stalking a woman whose name well keep out.

We don't know the severity of the stalking charges against Nathan, these cases can be either wishy-washy or extremely serious. Depending on the actions taken during the situation and how long its been going on for.

Did he harass her via email and phone? Or did he show up at her residence or job? These certainly are all factors when determining the severity of the charge.

One thing is for sure, the young lady seems freaked out! Maybe even scared since stalking is no light accusation.
Celebernation is working to gather up more details and will keep you updated as the story unfolds!

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