Teen Mom Mackenzie Mckee Slams Farrah Abraham On The Domenick Nati Show "Farrah Sucks”

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Teen Mom Mackenzie Mckee Slams Farrah Abraham On The Domenick Nati Show "Farrah Sucks”

Mackenzie gives opinions on Janelle and Farrah in a recent interview, she calls Farrah a "bully" and 'mean", not such bad things to say about Jenelle, saying that Jenelle doesn't like her and its "OK"

Mackenzie Mckee was a recent guest on The Domenick Nati Show last week. She was interviewed on her fellow Teen Mom cast members and was asked to give her opinion on the members on the show. What does Mackenzie think of Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham? Well, Mackenzie sure does lay it all out on the table. Now let's face it, none of the teen moms get along so it's no surprise when we hear Mackenzie's negative feelings towards these ladies. As we know Farrah and Jenelle have far from a good reputation with MTV and the media for their irresponsible inappropriate parenting and behaviors.

Mackenzie believes that Janelle “probably feels a little bit threatened right now because she’s not on the show.”

Mackenzie was asked who her least favorite teen mom from the show was and she responded firmly and surely;

“Farrah. Definitely Farrah,”

Mackenzie expresses how it's very hard to have respect for Farrah saying;

"You do hear a lot of the background stuff. So the crews that come in, they switch in and out and they work with other girls and sometimes they share information about what it was like working with them. And when I found out how rude Farrah was to the crew, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ It’s just very hard to have respect for her,” she said.

“She’s mean. She is 100% mean and a bully. Like, I get asked to be on the show. I say yes, I get asked to share my story, and my mom gets to share her story, which is the most beautiful part of it all because she wanted to. She genuinely wanted to share the love and spread love. And the next thing you know, Farrah is in interviews saying I want to be her. And I’m just like, ‘Girl.’ She’s mean. She is a genuinely a mean person,”

Host Nati stirred the pot by saying that Jenelle had recently called Chelsea and Leah “fake” and asked whether Mackenzie agreed, she replied;

“No, I don’t. Jenelle has also called me thirsty,”

“When I met her I was working with Teen Mom 3. We took a picture together and it was fun, she messaged me. Then, all of a sudden, there was a feud with her and all of the Teen Mom 3 girls that I had nothing to do with and she blocked us all and hated us all. And then this thing comes out where it’s like, ‘Who’s the thirstiest one on the show?’ and she said to me. I’ve only met her once and she doesn’t seem to be a fan of mine. And that’s OK,”

Mackenzie continues on saying that she only has, in fact, met Jenelle once, and despite Jenelle saying she is “thirsty” she has no problem with her, in fact, shows kindness towards her when she says;

“It makes me cringe when people comment on her body. I hate it and I have stuck up for her a million times. I don’t really care what bad things she has to say about me. I don’t have a problem with her. We’re all human and we’re all a lot more alike than we think, but she doesn’t have the right to call people fake,”

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