Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Is Praying For More Kids But Not Conceiving The Traditional Way

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Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Is Praying For More Kids But Not Conceiving The Traditional Way

Teen Mom is eager to have more children!

Teen Mom of three gorgeous children with her husband wishes to add more kids to her family, but this time around in a different way, she is seriously looking into adoption!

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Mackenzie, 25, says she’s always hoped to have a large offspring. “I would have five kids if I could,” she explained, adding that she probably won’t have any more kids of her own. “I would love to adopt from another country or take in a kid who really needs a home. ” I’m praying for an opportunity like that.”

Mackenzie is still grieving the recent and sad loss of her mother, losing her battle to stage 4 lung cancer only 4 months ago! It's MacKenzie's strong faith that has allowed her to find the strength and courage to move forward in life, although saying it is hard and has not been an easy ride, very up and down and how she initially felt anger towards god.

MacKenzie told Celebrityinsider '‘I’m surviving. But I’m kind of glad that the show doesn’t air live because I got some time to gather myself.’', sounds like a blessing in disguise.

As incredibly difficult as it was to mourn the loss her mom, Angie on camera, Mackenzie believes her mom’s death will certainly help viewers who are currently going through the same thing, have been through it in the past and those of us who will in the future.

The Miami-born mom did everything in her power to help her mom pay off her house. According to Hollywood Life "The first thing she said when she got sick was ‘I’m not scared to die. I know where I’m going’. But then she actually got scared.

She’d say, ‘I’m so scared to leave your dad in debt," Mackenzie shared. “[My parents] never had a lot of money. We were happy, but they didn’t have a lot of money. So she was petrified. With her first MTV check, she paid her truck off.

And with anything, following she was putting it all towards outstanding debt. Two weeks leading up to Christmas, she also sadly announced that doctors said her mom won’t make it to Christmas. 'But I need to pay off dad’s house' Something needs to happen,’ she said. So I wanted to help.”

Against her dad’s wishes, Mackenzie gently pleaded her fans to donate what they could. And almost immediately, fans started generously sending in “thousands” of donations. small donation “Fifty cents even and small donations,kept pouring in,” Mackenzie said. “

My mom touched that many lives that it added up to enough money to pay the house off" McKenzie said When we told her, you could see all the stress vanish from her face. She was able to depart this world peacefully. That was her only worry, other than leaving my dad. I was numb. I couldn’t feel my body. It was so emotional.”

MacKenzie told E! "Life is so short. Before you know it, I will be up there with her and that has inspired me to live for God."

She posted a touching picture of her and her mom, 4 days ago captioning;

"Tonight’s episode pays a special tribute to the best human I’ve ever watched on tv. We will continue your legacy momma"

On that note MacKenzie is now thinking it may be the time to add some more joy to her life and fulfill her wishes of adopting a child.

Still a rocky road ahead for her future, and what’s to come later this season.

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