‘Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Has To Block Photo Comments After Trolls Prey On Her Innocent Children

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‘Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Has To Block Photo Comments After Trolls Prey On Her Innocent Children

Macknzie took the action after one troll even took a hit at her youngest son Bronc...

The 25-year-old reality tv star, mom of three Jaxie, Gannon, and Broncs, whom she shares with Josh McKee Mackenzie was hit with a tonne of nasty comments including parenting shaming and questioning the wellbeing of her kids following a sweet post she shared on Instagram. According to The Blast, one person picked on McKee's youngest son, Broncs, stating that it appeared as though he had "rotten teeth." Several other people also expressed apparent concerns for the little one, with many insinuating that Broncs could be sick or possibly battling cancer.

Mackenzie’s way of retaliating and protecting her family was to simply take fast action and block the comments on some of her Instagram posts. Assuming she would no longer allow comments on photos posted of her children.

The haters' comments sparked on Tuesday, when McKee, 25, took to Instagram to show off her family’s summer fun. Captioning the post;

"These kids", McKee shared a series of images of her three children. The photos showed such love and fun of the little ones having a wonderful innocent time full of happiness.


Could you believe that insensitive people out there have the audacity to say such nasty things about these innocent children, what has this world come to seriously? Come on people, if you don’t have anything nice to say then just don’t say anything, why make such hurtful accusations just like that, for no apparent reason.

In a post shared to her Instagram Story Wednesday night, she wrote;

"From here on, any photo I post of my children I will be turning off commenting."

"talk about me all you want. But please, refrain from saying anything negative about my kids." McKee said that anyone who speaks nasty of her children would "be blocked." Mackenzie is so right, and I think she dealt with this in a very smart, calm, and mature manner.

She continued: "I am so sad that adults comment hateful stuff about children."

Mackenzie had support from positive followers for her decision to block the comments about her children. In a more recent post via Instagram sharing a picture of only her captioning;

Life is short. Be kind, live fearlessly, have faith, and laugh along the way. #alwaysbekind

Supportive fans said;

“Just wanted to say I agree with your post about people posting crappy stuff about kids! It’s soooo hurtful! Your kids are amazing! Some people never ever have any good things to say.”

“I thought that was a great idea about removing the comments on any future pictures of your children.”

“You and your children are beautiful and people are just mean.”


Mackenzie is also still grieving the loss of her mum, who died of Brain cancer last December, and admits she is struggling. We are so sorry Mackenzie, these hateful comments are really the last thing you needed after all you have been through. Let's hope more positivity, love, and light comes your way.

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