Teen Mom: Maci Bookout Considers Quitting

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Teen Mom: Maci Bookout Considers Quitting

The Decision involves Protecting her Kids

Maci Bookouts recently revealed that she’s considering her future with Teen Mom as she considers the fact that the drama may negatively impact her kids.

Credit Instagram
Credit Instagram

On a recent podcast episode of Dad Up, Maci revealed that she and Taylor are torn on whether they should continue to film with the franchise, taking the livelihoods of themselves and their kids into deep consideration.

Most recently, Maci and Taylor have been involved in a heated feud with Ryan Edwards and his parents. A feud that has continued forth despite the Edwards termination a few months back.

Maci stated that she and Taylor are taking their potential departure as a “season-to-season decision”, but that they are strongly considering a permanent departure.

“I think right now definitely more than ever we’re leaning more toward deciding when the right time to move on is.”

“And if we do move on from the show would it be to stay in TV and just go a different direction? Or do we kind of want to leave TV behind for good?”

Maci stated that her main concern comes from the well-being of her children, admitting that the ongoing drama could negatively affect her children.

“It really all depends on how it affects our children, especially since Bentley is in middle school, which is a tough age in general, and Jayde, she’ll be in first grade in the fall.”

Maci said that if she was able to limit her children’s involvement with the program then Taylor and herself would consider filming.

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