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Addie was rushed to the e.r by her mother Leah after noticing something behind her ear!


It could be that Leah is a little too familiar with hospital visits and health issues within her family, so maybe she feared the worst due to her experiences.


Leah and daughter Addie


This is not the first time Leah has had to face medical emergencies with her children. She has been back and forth to Doctor Offices for quite some time now since one of her twin girls Aliannah who is nine years old and, in and out of wheelchairs suffers from Titin muscular dystrophy. This means that Ali's muscles may weaken over time, if her condition worsens, she may become more dependent.




According to Yahoo, Leah feels her daughter Ali is her inspiration "I'm fighting for Ali, and I'm going to do everything that she needs done. We wanted her to be independent, and at the same time things are becoming progressive". Even though hospital visits for Leah have become the norm, every visit is difficult. When Addie her six-year-old was hospitalized for an infection, Leah feared it could be cancer!




"We do have to take Addie to a Specialist", "My biggest fear is that it could be cancer. Like I'm scared to death." She had to relive this medical scare when the MTV show aired the episodes. Even though their visit to the ER was long and daunting, it did end positively with Addie's condition being easily treated with medication.


Say a Prayer for Addie and Leah Messer


Addie was a good sport too! Despite her pain and discomfort, Leah commented: "Even though she's sick she was making everyone laugh in the ER. WHAT.A.DAY. Keep our girl in your prayers". Addie's father Jeremy Calvert was by her side throughout this whole ordeal.


Jeremy Calvert and daughter Ali


Leah and Jeremy finalized their divorce back in June 2015. However recently Leah was speaking about where they stand as a couple at the moment, "We're in a good place, we get along. Whatever happens, happens" that sounds like Leah is willing to give the relationship another shot! Jeremy, on the other hand, doesn't want to force it "There's no sense in forcing something" fair enough! At least the co-parenting is going well.


Leah and Jeremy Teen Mom