'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Makes Ignorant Statements About Sons New Haircut

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'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Makes Ignorant Statements About Sons New Haircut

Kailyn is furious after her reunion with son Isaac, she uses references like "You dress him like a thug!" "Little white boys don’t get their haircut like that" " .......He looks.....

After six weeks of Kailyn’s son Isaac living with his dad Jo Rivera in New Jersey, Kailyn Lowry was overjoyed about their reunion and his return to her Delaware abode. Sadly for Kailyn, a recent texting quarrel with ex Jo over their son’s new haircut shocked her.

We had like a huge argument the other day,” Jo told his live-in girlfriend Vee of the feud with his ex. “She said,
‘He’s too young for that. He’s half white … Little white boys don’t get their haircut like that.'”
Jo said he wanted an apology from Kailyn, calling her statements "ignorant, racial and stereotypical."

“That’s gotta be top five most ignorant s—t she’s ever said,'' said Vee. “I look forward to all of the other years that we have of listening to s—it like that come out of her mouth.”

En route back to Delaware Kailyn told her son,
“Isaac, remember your haircut before daddy shaved it off? I can’t wait until it grows back,” she said.

The next day, Kailyn met alone with Jo to discuss this issue in private;

“I want to know why you said what you said,” said Jo, a remark which infuriated Kailyn.

“I told you why. When he goes over there you have him dress a certain way, you have him look a certain way, you have his hair cut a certain way and that’s not who he is. I think you forget about the fact that he’s half-white and he’s half-Hispanic. I feel like you dress him to dress in a stereotypical way and I don’t like it! You dress him like a thug!” she said before storming off.

There has been a recent discussion titled ‘Kail being ignorant/racist S5 E7’ on Reddit about this; Below are some comments;

“I remember her saying something to Joe when he gave Isaac a haircut one time.. I forget the words but it was somewhere along the lines of "he's too light to rock that hairstyle" and something where he doesn't look like a Joe, a thug. Might be wrong but I know the tone was there.”

“She had a point if she didn't phrase it so horribly. Certain colors do match or clash with particular skin tones. I can’t wear red because it just makes me look like a beetroot. But girl like choose your words.”

“How mad is she that that girl didn’t agree lol”

“Wow.. just wow... "Thank you, everyone, for coming now let me announce that the boy's skin color looks tacky with the color of suits they picked" to a room full of beautiful women of the same color skin as the men... just wow... her facial expression as she says it and her body language .. yo she knows she's wrong.. she knows.”

Kailyn confided in ex Javi about Jo’s allegations.

“I guess he thinks I was being racist,” she said. “Obviously, I’m not racist when both of my kids are Hispanic and I’m married to a Hispanic." Javi, said they have to work on their co-parenting issues for the sake of Isaac.

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