Teen Mom: Kail Lowry recreates infamous 2011 Teen Mom Scene

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Teen Mom: Kail Lowry recreates infamous 2011 Teen Mom Scene

Kail and Vee recreated the moment on TikTok

Kail and Jo Rivera’s wife Vee teamed up to recreate an infamous 2011 Teen Mom moment for TikTok.

The two recreated a scene in which Kail (then Kailyn) met up with Jo at a parking lot to tell him she had a new boyfriend. The hilarious recreation was as follows:

Credit MTV
Credit MTV

Vee played her husband (Jo), telling Kailyn: "Hi."

She replied with a deadpan stare "Hi."

Vee remarked: "Beautiful day, isn't it?" and Kailyn said: "Yeah."

Vee would ask: "You don't deserve to be outside enjoying the sun,"

Kailyn would respond: “What?”

She said with contempt: "You should be in a cave."


It should be noted that this was all taken in good fun. Kail and Jo share eleven-year-old Isaac. It goes without saying that she’s in a better relationship with Jo than her other wonderful ex’s Chris Lopez and Javi Marroquin.

Kail’s relationship with Chris is quite violent as she was arrested for allegedly punching him. This came after Chris cut their son Lux’s hair. I think it’s more than obvious that Kail is oblivious to the fact that hair grows back, hopefully, she learns this in the next season of Teen Mom.

Kail also accused Javi of trying to have sex with her in a parking lot. An incident that’s still being magnified by her despite happening months ago.

Hopefully, Jo takes this in good spirits and doesn’t retalliate which will undoubtedly provoke Kail to do something drastic like run him over with her car.

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