Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry advises not to hate on one another

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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry advises not to hate on one another

kailyn Lowry being suportive

Kail Lowry recently said that she thinks everyone should support their friends and their business ventures and that she doesn’t understand the “mentality of not wanting to see others do better than you.”

Credit Monsters and Critics
Credit Monsters and Critics

“Okay, I don’t want to be too negative on this gorgeous Saturday morning, so I’m just popping on here to say this: there is room for all of us to eat, support your friends, support their businesses.”

“If you don’t want to buy their products, share their page, comment, like. I don’t understand this mentality of not wanting to see other people do better than you. If they have it, you can also have it.”

In the video of Kail supporting friends, she added a text with the following:

“Support your friends if they genuinely support yours, buy/share/post you’re weird if you don’t do the same. Don’t @ me”

On the following slide, Kail would repost from @mrsjuicyy with the following caption:

“Yaass! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends win… Win in business, win in love, win in LIFE [.] I love you guys!!! And I’m clapping for you!!!”

Aside from Teen Mom, Kail has been pretty successful with her other endeavors. Kail hosts two podcasts, Coffee Convoswith Lindsie Chrisley, and Baby Mamas No Drama with Vee Rivera. She also has her own CBD oil-infused line of haircare products called Pothead.

With all the success, it’s only natural for Kail to show her love and support for her friends and colleges.

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