'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Wanted Back On Teen Mom 2

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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Wanted Back On Teen Mom 2

Cast members want Jenelle back in an interview with Hollywood Life.....

Briana wants Jenelle to return to Teen Mom 2, despite admitting they aren’t in touch much anymore so communication is minimal, things are not the same without Jenelle that is for sure, Briana was the only cast member who had Jenelle’s back in the past too saying; “all kids should be with their moms, especially the younger ones.” It has already been an entire season since Jenelle has been off-air and another season has just commenced without her again yet Briana is thinking of her and wishes she could have her back.

Jenelle was on the show for a long time; she made her Teen Mom debut on 16 and Pregnant back in 2010.

“I just hope she has a safe life,” Briana said. “Sometimes we comment on each other’s Instagram Stories, but we don’t talk as much as we used to.”

Briana said to Hollywood life she added;

“And it’s unfortunate with the events that, you know, transpired,”

She spoke out to MTV producers about her thoughts on deserving a second chance on the show and how she didn't do anything wrong, it was her husband David, shall we recap?

Jenelle also thinks she deserves a second chance on the show. Back in March Jenelle told ‘Hollywood Life’

“I have spoken with my old producers many times about this. They still claim I was not fired’ but ‘let go for a season’,” She added, “I am guessing they are still holding me responsible for my husband’s actions, even though I did not do anything wrong.”

“She was on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for a long time,” Briana said. “She kind of made the show what it is today.”

From what we see Jenelle isn't waiting on anybody, she has a new TV series with many episodes she is putting out herself! Let's see what other tricks she has up her sleeves...

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