Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans Following Explodes On Tik Tok During Quarantine

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Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans Following Explodes On Tik Tok During Quarantine

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans takes advantage of this quarantine and blows up on Tik Tok!

Jenelle Evans takes to Tik Tok to have some fun with the kids while on quarantine. She and her family seem to be making the best out of these crazy times. Jenelle Evans created her Tik Tok not too long ago and seems to be doing extremely well on the platform!

Jenelle has almost 224,000 followers and has accomplished that in a short amount of time, good for her!


She and the kids appear in this Tik Tok video above playing the song " She Gone Go " she went on to say " Having some fun with Jace and Maryssa well we self distance ourselves from the public "


In this video above she and the kids created there own family dance to " Something New " by Wiz Khalifa feat. Ty Dolla $...Fun!

America is under a 2 week quarantine with a possible extension. People are being asked to stay at home and self distance themselves in order to not catch nor spread the Coronavirus. Alot of celebrities like Jenelle Evans are taking the time to focus on some much needed business while spending that quality time with there family and children.

Although this was before the quarantine, Jenelle is helping promote her new Tik Tok account. By the looks of it, its going to be a fun channel to follow!

Jenelle is at home spending some quality time with her family and goats. During these times we need to get creative at home, maybe take the time to fix something around the house that has been needing fixing. Home schooling the kids amid the school lockdown is also a big one! Another good one would be catching up on some sleep and taking advantage of this downtime to get some bed rest in. Or our all time favorite binge watch your favorite Netflix series!

Whatever you decide to do make the best of it, Jenelle Evans and her family seem to be doing just that! Please dont forget to Subscribe to our Celebernation newsletter to recieve more Breaking News and Updates!

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