'Teen Mom' Gary Shirley Had A Nasty Scare With Daughters Serious Injury

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'Teen Mom' Gary Shirley Had A Nasty Scare With Daughters Serious Injury

Teen Mom Gary went through a nasty scare with daughter as she had an accident at the airport as they were departing for their vacation!

Gary posted on Instagram;

“Best start to a vacation. It happened at the airport! Hit her head on a chair! She’s good to go now. But it was very scary!”

The MTV star's fans were quick to reply with well-wishes for the little girl a quick recovery and to still have a good vacation

"Aww bless her.

I hope she is feeling better soon and makes a quick recovery," one person wrote. "So scary when our kiddies hurt themselves."

Another added,

"Poor baby, that looks deep." Another added,

“Ouch, that looks sore. Enjoy your holiday now !! ❤”

This vacation really is a much-needed one with the family going through a lot.

The family dealt with both Gary's mother and stepfather Jody contracting the coronavirus amid the pandemic. Last month, Gary revealed that after two weeks of being on a ventilator, doctors were able to wean him off.

"He is only on 2 liters of oxygen thru a nose cannula and following simple commands," Gary shared on Instagram May 29, adding that there is still "a long road of recovery which will involve physical therapy."

Gary pleaded Teen Mom fans to pray for his stepdad when revealing Jody was battling the coronavirus in the ICU. The MTV star wrote;

“Please continue to pray for my family.”

“Jody (my stepdad) was rushed to the hospital a few days ago with very low levels of oxygen. He was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit and diagnosed with Covid-19 & Pneumonia.”

Gary continued;

“He is receiving plasma, a new clinical trial drug and on a breathing machine in hopes to fight this virus.

“As you can imagine this is very difficult for my family. Update on my mom...She is getting stronger every day and on the mend."

Gary's mother was at increased risk of contracting COVID-19, as she worked at an assisted living facility during the Covid-19 Pandemic. While she did eventually fall ill, fortunately, she was able to recover without hospitalization.


Throughout this difficult time, Gary and his wife did their part with prepared food and grocery drop off for both trying to maximize their rest and recovery.
Gary shared on Instagram at the time;

"This has been extremely hard for all of us, our youngest daughter has an immunodeficiency disorder where she gets sick so easily so we have stayed home and took this quarantine very seriously."

As his mother and Jody have both thankfully almost recovered from coronavirus, the Shirleys have been embarking on a project, with Gary recording the construction of a large family garden on social media.

The reality star wrote alongside a photo of his proud quarantine project.


“4 hours of work today! Planted 50 plantsmen. I’m getting a good leg work out I’ll tell you that much. I got over 100 more to plant.

Side note I’m so fried from yesterday (no shirt) that today I had to have my head neck and torso covered so I wouldn’t burn on top of a burn. Maybe I’ll share a pic of that later idk yet, but I looked absolutely silly! @kristina_shirley3 did a really good job of watering the first 25 plants. Thank you babycakes.”

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