Teen Mom: Fans believe Chelsea Houska’s new landscaping is ugly

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Teen Mom: Fans believe Chelsea Houska’s new landscaping is ugly

Chelsea put the finishing touches on her new farmhouse

Chelsea Houska has been updating fans with the renovation and decoration updates of her property…but a lot of fans find her modifications to be “ugly”.

Harsh don’t you think?

Credit Instagram
Credit Instagram

Chelsea, Cole, and their budding family moved into their dream house just before the holidays. Ever since then, Chelsea and the fam have been upgrading their houses with a variety of plants.

Recently, the family went shopping at a local garden center. Cole loaded up the back of the van with plants and decorative pots. Zooming in on one of the pots, Chelsea told her fans she’d become “obsessed” with her purchases.

Fans have been quick to dump more than soil on her new obsession, chastising her for the amount of money she’s spent on the hobby as well as calling her taste “ugly” and “boring”.

Chelsea has chosen a “minimalist animal print theme” throughout the entire dwelling, and fans have called it “plain.”

Credit Instagram 3
Credit Instagram 3

Again…kind of harsh don’t you think? It’s not the best, but hell…it’s her house so who cares?

You guys are probably all aware that Chelsea and the fam made the executive decision to step away from the Teen Mom spotlight to focus on their own “personal brand” as well as bettering their growing family. I’ve voiced my opinion on this before and I’ll gladly say it again, I think that’s a great idea.

In closing? Go easy on her and her plant escapade, she’s new to this!

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