Teen Mom: Cheyenne Floyd can’t wait to drink

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Teen Mom: Cheyenne Floyd can’t wait to drink

Cheyenne admitted to wanting to drink after she’s done giving birth

On Mother’s Day, Cheyenne had some wonderful family time with her fiancé Zach and Ryder.

Cheyenne is due to pop with a baby boy, Ace at any moment now.

Cheyenne would share a photo of Ryder holding a red rose with a waterfall behind her. The caption on the photo was:

“Livin’ my best life,”

Credit Instagram
Credit Instagram

Cheyenne would then admit that the two things that would make everything better were:

“Can’t wait to drink champagne & take thirst traps in my mom’s bathroom😂🖤,”

Credit Instagram
Credit Instagram

During their classy mother’s day, Cheyenne joked in regards to Zach comically sipping two mimosas before giving himself a cheers, and taking a hilarious sip:

“I hate you,” she would joke.

Cheyenne and Zach announced the groundbreaking pregnancy back in December. The two would follow up with a fancy baby shower in March, which also featured Zach proposing to Cheyenne. Zach proposed to the love of his life with a teddy bear-themed party.

With a mere four weeks left in her pregnancy, Cheyenne admitted that she’s:

"embracing every last second."

Last week, Cheyenne showed off her baby bump and gave fans an update on Ace.

"We got a date we could induce… He is currently five to six pounds."

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