'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Baltierra Fills Us In On Daughter Carly

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'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Baltierra Fills Us In On Daughter Carly

Catelynn and Tyler's decision of putting their eldest daughter Carly up for adoption, the sense of wonder haunts them “There is always a sense of wonder that never goes away and gnaws at both of us".

The Teen Mom of three has recently decided to give what the fans have always wondered about, the latest emotional tidings on her 14-year-old daughter Carly. The heartbreaking decision that Catelynn and now husband Tyler made all those years ago, still comes back to haunt them and torments the couples conscience. They were just young teenagers 10 years ago when they made the punishing decision to give up their baby Carly for adoption when on 16 and Pregnant.

Catelyn describes there always being a sense of ‘what if’ and that wonder of how their life would be had they chosen to keep her… who knows really, and this speculation is such a toxic game to play on themselves. Would they have still been together and married? who knows, they never will, so for their wellbeing they need to accept that they did what they believed was the right decision at the time and unfortunately there is no time capsule machine!

Everything comes at a cost. Every decision you make, every choice you have, absolutely everything has a cost, sometimes the cost is much more than we anticipate.

Catelynn shared with Celeb Magazine on October 2.

“There is always a sense of wonder that never goes away and gnaws at both of us.”
“Knowing what we have now and what life had in store for us, it’s hard not to wonder what that would have looked like if Carly had been along for the ride with us,”

She also added;

“No matter how you look at it–and we look back knowing we made the right decision at that time–it’s still a difficult thing to deal with,” she added.

Catelyn and Tyler are forever grateful that Carly’s adopted parents Theresa and Brandon were able to give their daughter Carly the upbringing and quality of life they believed they would not have come close to, judging their circumstances back then. Despite the fact that Carly’s adoption was an open one her parents have distanced themselves more and more which really saddens Catelyn and Tyler to their core.

They wonder whether they could have given her the life they thought they couldn’t, especially looking at themselves now and how far they have come. Catelynn and Tyler have reached a stable life with security and loving marriage. They married in 2015 and had two more daughters Nova and Vaeda which they kept and raised happily and healthily. They also have said they want another baby too.

28-year-old Catelyn told People;

“My baby fever is insane” she added “I want to be done with kids before I’m 30,” Tyler then added, “we are not done yet".

I can understand how Carly and Tyler find it exceptionally hard to come to terms and accept the decision they made so many years ago. They look at their lives now and it's not what they thought it would be and how much they love being parents and want another child, this makes it all that much harder.

Carly recently shared a sweet post addressing her hubby Tyler via Instagram;


“Holy crap!!!! 14 years with this amazing human ❤️😱❤️ I love you so much!!!!! I’m so blessed to call you mine... we have had our ups and downs just like any couple.. but... I’m glad I get to go through this crazy life with YOU!!!! Here’s to 14 more @tylerbaltierramtv .”

Catelyn owned up further about this to Celeb Magazine;

“Placing Carly for adoption was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make,” the star told Celeb. “While we remain forever grateful to Brandon and Teresa for stepping up to the plate to give Carly the life we couldn’t back then–not to mention being amazing parents to her–it still is a hard thing to relive.”

Catelynn and Tyler wish more than anything for their daughter to know how much they truly love her, just the same as her sisters, no less.

The couple expressed their love and sent their eldest daughter birthday wishes via instagram;


“11 years ago I watched you take your first breath. 11 years ago I held you & your birth mother in my arms as we both gazed upon your angelic face, never wanting to let you go. 11 years ago you entered the world & changed so many lives for the better. Happy Birthday, Carly, you are forever loved by so many! ❤️😭

We truly hope the sweet couple comes to find a way to be at peace with this gut-wrenching decision and that maybe one day they manage to rec connect again and develop a bond with Carly and live their dream of watching her episode beside her daughter Carly.

Catelynn shared this wish with Celeb Magazine saying;

“One day we hope to sit next to her and re-watch the episode of 16 and Pregnant with her by our sides and that will be a really pivotal moment for all of us to experience together as a family,” she added “We hope to explain to her what was going through our heads every step of the way in hopes that she will understand us better as well.”

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