Teen Mom baby daddy Chris Lopez allegedly “Choked” pregnant Kailyn Lowry

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Teen Mom baby daddy Chris Lopez allegedly “Choked” pregnant Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry is claiming that Chris Lopez choked her. Kailyn is claiming that she feels threatened by Chris because he put his hands on her

The relationship dynamics between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez has never been what you would call a healthy one that’s for sure more like a tumultuous one. When you think things couldn't get any more heated between the two, well do we have news for you; things took a seriously ugly turn

Ok, so this all started when Chris who is due to appear in court against Kailyn sporadically decided to start Live Q&A sessions on Instagram in which he surprisingly opened up about his dysfunctional relationship with Kailyn. When Kail caught on about the Instagram live, she cheekily chimed in with some questions of her own in addition to some serious allegations that could lead to Lopez getting arrested.

What caused the PFA [Protection From Abuse]?" Kail asked

Chris replied
“Cause I made her feel threatened, they felt threatened by me.”

Kailyn is claiming that she feels threatened by Chris because he put his hands on her.


Fans were happy when Kailyn announced the fourth pregnancy but when they discovered it was with Chris again it was major disappointment and confusion. What fans are struggling to understand is why would Kailyn have a second child with the good-for-nothing dad who put her through such misery the first time they made a child together and Kailyn has their son Lux “99.9% of the time" due to Chris' carelessness she commented in the Live Q&A. We remain perplexed, as Kailyn hasn’t explained the reason why she keeps procreating with this man especially when she filed a protection order against him. What does Kail see in Chris? This remains a long lost baffling mystery to all fans. Chris even admitted this saying;

“I don't know what [Kail] sees in me,” he said. “Maybe it’s because I make cute kids, I don’t know.” Lopez later sad that sex with Kail was "addicting," so could it be that?

If you have been keeping up with Kailyn, she recently showed us how determined she is to have a home birth despite her advice against it due to her high-risk pregnancy. She also does not plan to have Chris a part of their baby’s life at all!. As we all know Kailyn recently made it publicly clear that she does not want Chris in the delivery room this time, unlike Lux’s birth, and it seems he's not bothered at all by it. He said in the Instagram live;

“I stay out of the way,” Chris said during his Instagram Live (shout-out to The Ashley's Reality Roundup for transcribing his mumbling). “If I get the call [to come to the birth], I get the call. If I don’t, I don’t. It is what it is at this point. I can’t stress it, bro.”

When Chris was asked whether he plans to take more of a present father figure role in his child's life, Chris's response was so disappointing, but at this point, nothing other than this is expected.

“I don’t know. It ain’t up to me. It’s not up to me anymore," he said.

Chris admitted to not seeing his son Lux in a long time in fact he said he doesn't know when he saw him last.

“I love my son, I see him when I can see him,” Chris said. “I done that for so long, and look where it got me.”

“So what if I’m a ‘deadbeat?'” Chris said. “Apparently you can still be a deadbeat and people will have still have sex with you and want to have kids with you. That’s life. I’m gonna get a shirt that says ‘deadbeat’ and everything!”

People say ‘get a job and fight for your son’ but, do I gotta get a job, or just get income?” Lopez said when someone asked how he pays his bills. “Which one, because I’ve got income."

"I got a part-time job and I build s--t. Right now I’m on three sources of income, so tell me why I gotta get a job?
“Explain why I need a job!” Chris added.
“Do you know what JOB stands for? ‘Just over broke.’ So y’all want me to get a job, work for someone I don’t want to work for, at a job I don’t wanna work at just so they can underpay me and overwork me. I can literally pay all my bills. I just proved that last week. I paid my bills off and never left my bed!”

Ok so let's cut to the chase Chris told Kailyn to stay away from his Instagram and “put our business out there. I’ll tell ya that right now, bro. I’m gonna check you right now at the door.”

Kailyn then threatened to “tell the story” behind the PFA.

“Don’t put our business out there. That’s for me if I decide if I want to put that s**t out there,” Chris said.

Kail then retaliated back with, “Check me where? Choke me again?”

Ok, so what’s interesting is that Chris neither confirmed or denied the choking allegations against him. He did, however, say this;

“You know what they say, man? Do you know what they say about bullies? They usually like the person they’re a bully too,” he said. “I’m standing up to my bully. That’s what I have been doing this whole time. I ain’t scared of you no more.”

“She’s mean…I’m terrified of her,” Chris claimed, but quickly stated that he was “just playin'” and that he’s not actually scared of Kailyn.

So it seems like this “choking” incident remains a mystery to us all. Did it really happen, I guess we are just going to have to wait and see how things unravel.

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