‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood And Her Encounter With The Police Again

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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood And Her Encounter With The Police Again

Amber Portwood was pulled over by the cops for by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police for “unlawful driving of vehicle through or within a safety zone”, fining her $171 as per reported by the Blast.

Things are not looking good yet again for Amber as she is in trouble with Indiana officials again, just one year since her last run-in with the law. Let me refresh your memory, I sure can't forget this one, just in case you did, she was arrested for domestic violence, when she struck her boyfriend at the time, now ex Andrew Glennon whilst holding their baby boy it doesn't end there later she actually went for him with a machete, as Andrew claimed she tried to break down a door with a machete, as he and James were locked behind a door to keep themselves safe from Amber. Andrew described on a Teen Mom episode as;

"I never saw that girl before, the person I saw that night, I've never seen and it scared the s*** out of me,' It's a f***ing horror show,' Glennon said during an interview with Daily Mail TV,

“When someone you love attacks you, you're so conflicted. You have love and you have fear and it's like the simplest solutions become the most difficult.”, he continued.

Andrew left Amber after she got arrested and shortly after Amber shared via twitter that she has“lost everything”. Amber was charged with domestic battery, and Andrew immediately filed for full and legal custody of their son which of course was granted full custody James who is now 2 years old, however, they both share legal custody of their son. According to Sun Amber has three unsupervised visits a week to see her son. The Blast had reported that Amber and Andrew are in the middle of an ugly custody battle over their son. They are both scheduled to appear in court later in the year to fight over their son.

Amber seems to have realized that she needs to make changes and better herself mentally hashtagging the mental health community & physically which is a positive sign.

This recent illegal act is really no big deal compared to her past string of legal issues and arrests, so let's be easy on her for this one. But let's not forget that Amber is still serving her three-year probation plea deal that she accepted following the machete incident in 2019 so this is definitely not shedding any good light on her.

Amber was pulled over by Indiana Police on the 4th of August. According to exclusive documents obtained by The Blast, the 30-year-old MTV personality was cited for “unlawful driving of vehicle through or within a safety zone” by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police. All she has to do for the case to be closed on this unlawful act is simple, pay up a $171 fine to be paid according to the Blast.

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