‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Brianna DeJesus Receiving Death Threats Over Devoin Austin Conflict

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Brianna DeJesus Receiving Death Threats Over Devoin Austin Conflict

DeJesus opened up about toxic interactions from fans

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Brianna DeJesus revealed that she’s been receiving death threats amongst the ongoing confrontation with her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin.

Through the confrontation, Devoin leaked DeJesus’s phone number through Instagram in an earlier episode this season. This resulted in DeJesus getting thousands upon thousands of hateful text messages and phone calls. The onslaught of calls and text messages provoked DeJesus to turn off her cellphone as well as get a new number.

Credit: MTV
Credit: MTV

Eventually, Devoin was asked about how he felt about leaking his ex-girlfriend's phone number:

“I didn’t do it on purpose but at the same time, OH WELL…She for ONCE felt my pain.”

Devoin would then elaborate on how he’s had people harass him at his job as well as receive hundreds of messages that were bashing him for “incorrect” information, closing with: “So her having a little hectic three hours is whatever to me!”

DeJesus would retort that she’s been constantly harassed online, but she chooses to ignore it: “Let me be clear, I get hate mail every day, I get tons of [messages] bashing me,” she wrote. “I have gotten people bash me in public. I get death threats. I get judged. People are cruel out there. I’ve always felt that kind of pain but I never let it get to me.”

DeJesus also elaborated on how she blocks trolls and refrains from reading any sort of comments online. She also stated that she blocks “hundreds” of hateful fans a day: “I learn to zone it out. So just because I carry it well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy,” she said. “So ‘living your pain for three hours’ is bullshit. I [live] it every day.”

Devoin and DeJesus have had an ongoing confrontation with one another for quite some time.

The most recent toxic incident between the two took place during the Teen Mom 2 reunion special in which Devoin and DeJesus got into an argument in regards to the amount of money Devoin owed her for child support. In the end, Dr. Drew would side with Devoin which caused DeJesus to storm off set insisting that she was “done.”

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