"Teen Mom 2" Kailyn's TikTok Videos Entice Streamers To Remove Toxicity Out Of Their Lives

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"Teen Mom 2" Kailyn's TikTok Videos Entice Streamers To Remove Toxicity Out Of Their Lives

After delivering her newborn Kailyn took her thoughts of her current life and shared them via TikTok. Promoting the idea that there's no room for toxic people, "Drop ‘em, it’s not worth it!”

Kailyn was adamantly clear that Chris was NOT able to go into the delivery room for the birth of their second son. Which in this scenario was her bedroom? Turns out the 28-year-old reality star had a change of heart, that decision ultimately made for a better experience. I am more than sure Chris was ecstatic to be by her side throughout this magical and life-changing experience. Even though she had previously set her plans to delivering her newborn in the hospital, There wasn't sufficient time due to her pregnancy complications. That same morning she contacted her baby's father Chris to help prepare for the hospital delivery, Although sometimes we all know nothing ever goes as planned. It's safe to say the joy of successfully bringing their son into the world overcame their obstacles. It isn't hard to detect that Kailyn and Chris are both happy alongside their newborn.

“I was like, you know what, when Chris and I were talking, this was one of the names — Creed was a name that we had both previously agreed on, and so it kind of was always in the back of my head.”

They seemed to be on good standing terms but Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn took her indirect comments to TikTok. Which hinted they may have rekindled their relationship and thus contributing to why she allowed him to witness the birth of Creed. Things then flew south when her videos took a sharp left turn when she openly shared her thoughts within her TikTok videos. Unveiling her views of eradicating the toxicity of your life, since there's no physical need for any unhealthy surroundings.

She shared a Tik Tok Clip saying the following;

“You need to get to a point where you are OK being the villain in the narcissist’s story,” @mattphifercoaching said in a clip Kailyn shared to her Story.

“Doesn’t matter if they left you, doesn’t matter if you left them, doesn’t matter if they cheated on you. They are going to spin it as if they are the victim.”

Kailyn also shared the below Tik Tok video on August 17,

“Try the 72-hour rule, OK? If this person, whoever you’re talking to, whoever you like, whatever, if they can go 72 hours without talking to you — three days — then they can go the rest of their life. Drop ‘em, it’s not worth it,” said TikToker @bootlegdrake

The mom of four wrote “Thanks, TikTok,”

Kailyn recently shared a picture with her four boys welcoming Creed captioning;

“& then there were

🏼 #kailandthechaos  Welcome to the circus ”

Most recently she shared the most adorable picture of Creed all wrapped resting on one hand. It was obvious why there was no caption needed for this picture, It did all the talking. It's so nice to hear that Kailyn was thinking of having a family unit present at the birth of their son Creed. In the end, it's a family that always brings everyone together.

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