'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry Doctors Say Baby Must Be Induced!

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'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry Doctors Say Baby Must Be Induced!

MTV's 'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry doctors say baby number 4 must be induced....

Kailyn recently found out from her doctor that she will need to be induced for her 4th baby and she is quite concerned about this as its never happened in her previous deliveries.

Credit: Mommas Umcut
Credit: Mommas Umcut

She took to twitter and said, “little feet. New doctor is pushing for induction. I’ve never been induced & had smooth labor & deliveries. Experiences??”

Credit: Up For News Info
Credit: Up For News Info

So what is induciton? basically it is when the labor contractions are started before labor begins on its own to achieve a natural birth.

There may be various reasons why inductions occur, primarily though it takes place when there's concern for the mother's health or the baby's health.

However in Kailyn's case she didn't explain why her Doctor wants her to be induced.

She has only just made her Twitter account public again, since her last pregnancy announcement on 4th Feb, the haters were critisising the fact that she neglected to mention the name of the father, she has 3 other children; Isaac, 10, Lincoln, 6, and Lux, 2 all from 3 differnet fathers; Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin and Chris Lopez.

Credit: The Sun
Credit: The Sun

Kailyn wanted a break from seeing haters reactions. What's confusing her followers lately is the gender of baby no 4.

Her initial announcement was "Baby boy showing off #no4 #babyboy.” March 23rd, she just posted an initimate selfie showing off her baby bump .


Credit:  Teen Mom
Credit: Teen Mom

She seems to want to play the guessing game with her followers, we must wait and see upon the arrival of baby number 4, and hey maybe by then we will get to know the father too!

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