Teen Mom 2: Jade Cline Says She Isn't Here To Replace Anyone

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Teen Mom 2: Jade Cline Says She Isn't Here To Replace Anyone

Jade Cline is back in the spotlight and rumors have already begun! That she is replacing other cast members? In her own words she says she isn't here for that!

Jade is back in the spotlight with her return to the show Teen Mom.


Jade Cline


Is she simply a replacement of Janelle Evans? She is eager to let everyone know, that is not the case! She will be joining Teen Mom 2, for the second half of season 9. TMZ had a quick chat with Jade, and she let everyone know that her story is relatable and will be bringing real, raw life to the screen. Jade feels that she has since grown as a person from season one of Young and Pregnant, and is trying to learn from her mistakes, starting to focus on where she is at now.


Jade Cline And Daughter


Jade didn’t have the ideal motherly figure and grew up with a mother who was getting into all sorts of trouble, including substance abuse. When Jade fell pregnant at 16, she made it a personal vow to ensure she is the best mom for her now almost-two-year-old daughter, Kloie. Even though the reason why she may have been added to Teen Mom is that Jenelle Evans is no longer involved in the series. Jade will have her own story and character that will bring its own twist to the series she claims.


Jade Cline


When it comes to her baby daddy Sean Austin, they had broken up earlier this year. However, she still seems to be positive and focused. She is keeping her current relationship status to herself, perhaps she doesn’t want to reveal any spoilers for the show!




Jenelle Evans has been dealing with her own drama. Just recently her and her husband David Eason spoke to "People Now" about how they are moving forward since their recent family dog incident. We are excited to see what Jade will bring to the rest of Teen Mom 2 season 9! Looks like it's already drama-filled, having a heated argument with her ex during the premier!


Jade Cline and daughter

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