Teen Mom 2: How Did Jenelle Evans Meet David Eason?

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Teen Mom 2: How Did Jenelle Evans Meet David Eason?

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have certainly had an explosive year. Let's go back into time and see how they first met!

If you're a Teen Mom fan, you've probably have heard of all of the drama surrounding this couple this year. Regardless of all of the issues and problems they have endured, according to Jenelle and her recent selfie, her and David Eason are back together and stronger than ever! Let's see how they met!




Jenelle Evans (Right) David Eason (Left)




Jenelle Evans and David Eason met after her split to Ex-Nathan Griffith. It seems like they hit it off pretty quick and everything just flowed, straight into marriage in 2017.

There certainly isn't an empty glass of drama for these two, as a matter of fact, you can say its quite full, and would quench any drama driven persons thirst!

Let's give you a hint - Swipe Left or Swipe Right, yup you guessed it, Tinder! Their first date was a blast, like any man's normal nature his first idea was to take her riding cars in the mud, also known as mudding. Romantic and extreme? 

Jenelle somewhat made it official after posting this pic on her IG. I mean, shes Jenelle Evans with over 4 million followers combined, this was a statement! 




Jenelle Evans and David Eason first date




Recently Evans and Eason had a serious breakup, more or less a separation at this point, since they are back together. Eason being an overprotective father had killed the family dog. This enraged Evans and she kicked him out. The situation became so serious that CPS got involved and so did her EX-Griffith. Cps and Griffith fought to take her children away over this, we won't get too much into this story, but you get the point, it was bad! 

You would think that this would cause so much strain on their relationship that it could not survive. Well, don't think too soon - because they're together again and seem to be getting along.




Jenelle Evans and Family together again




A lot of fans of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have a lot to say about this reunion. Some are wishing the couple the best and most are upset that Jenelle would take him back, calling him a killer and a danger to her and her kids.  Marriage and children shouldn't be something we give up on so easy. When you become a parent and a wife/husband, it's important to understand what we're getting into and make a commitment. Of course,noone should ever stay in a dangerous environment or abusive relationship, there are some exceptions. But it seems like Evans and Eason are committed and trying to work on there marriage and fight for what they began in the first place. We wish them the absolute best, Goodluck! 

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